Legal Costs Service

Offering high quality work at a personal level, we specialise in all areas of:

  • Civil Litigation & Personal Injury
  • Clinical Negligence 
  • Care & Family 
  • Private Client (Court of Protection & Probate matters)
  • PPI and other Financial Mis-Selling Claims
  • Commercial 

 We also offer the following:

  • Schedules of Costs on conclusion of a matter & negotiation thereafter
  • Bills of Costs on conclusion of a matter
  • Civil Legal Aid Bills & Documents
  • Preparation of Family & Care Legal Aid Bills & Documents
  • High Cost Case Plans
  • Statements of Costs for Allocation, Listing & Trial
  • Costs Budgeting & Estimates
  • Points of Dispute and Replies to Points of Dispute 

Additional Services:

  • Attendance at Detailed Assessment Hearings
  • Negotiation only service
  • Telephone & written advice
  • Regular Newsletters and legal costs updates via email and website
  • In-house costing service and In-house training
  • Seminars on costs related matters


Civil & Personal Injury

Our Complete Costing & Negotiation Service can be tailored to your needs.

Once damages are agreed, why not send us your file and let us take care of  your legal costs recovery from start to finish. Our experienced legal costs draftsmen will prepare a detailed Schedule of Costs, provide you with advice and negotiate settlement within a few weeks allowing you to concentrate solely on fee earning duties.

With Costs Lawyers also on hand, we are able to offer a full service of legal costs, from preparing a Schedule of Costs, all the way to attending a final Detailed Assessment Hearing.

We recommend that all clients take advantage of this value for money service to see an improvement in costs recovery, file turnaround and cash flow.

We have received accreditation from many quarters including achieving 1st tier APIL experts accreditation as Law Costs Draftsmen. 

If you would like to find out more about Civil & Personal Injury please contact

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Clinical Negligence

We recognise that when dealing with clinical negligence cases, a high level of care is required in order to maximise costs recovery.  We specialise in drafting Bills of Costs that accurately reflect the expertise and skilled work that was required to successfully conduct the case and thrive in the negotiation and detailed assessment processes.  We are experienced in drafting inter parte and CLS funded Bills, as well as Replies to Points of Dispute and can tailor these documents to your requirements.

If you would like to find out more about Clinical Negligence cases please contact

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Care & Family

We specialise in High Cost Cases in both Public and Private Law matters and we have vast experience in preparing traditional Detailed Assessments for the Court as well as Claim 1s for assessment by the Legal Services Commission.  Our thorough knowledge of the new Family Fixed Fee Scheme (PFLRS), the Care Proceedings Graduated Fee Scheme (CPGFS) and the Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS) helps Solicitors maximise their profit costs.  We have recently established an additional service, liaising with the High Cost Cases Unit on the behalf of Solicitors, in order to obtain High Cost Case Contracts. We can even prepare EX80a/b forms and post assessment Claim 1/Claim 1As.

If you would like to find out more about Care & Family cases please contact 

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Legal Aid Processing 

In addition to the Care & Family Department we are now able to offer a Legal Aid Processing Service for all matters that we have costed.
We will deal with Bills that are for assessment by the court and Claim 1/Claim 1A’s assessed by the Legal Aid Agency, liaising with Counsel and the courts as required in order to obtain payment on your behalf.

If you would like to find out more about our Processing Service please contact

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Private Client Department

Our Private Client Department specialises in Probate and Court of Protection matters. Solicitors may not normally consider instructing Costs Draftsmen to cost their Probate files however we find we often achieve a higher level of profit costs than expected by solicitors who often underestimate the time they have actually spent on the file.

In respect of Court of Protection matters, we can prepare all types of Bills of Costs for assessment by the Supreme Court Costs Office, including the costs of appointing Deputies, Annual General Management Costs and Costs of Statutory Will Applications.

If you would like to find out more about our Private Client Department please contact 

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PPI and other Financial Mis-Selling Claims

We have worked closely with expert firms in the field of PPI mis-selling claims, advising them on the recoverability of their costs across all claims tracks.  Our clients have greatly benefitted as a result, helping them to expand their business secure in the knowledge that their reasonable costs will be recovered with the minimum of fuss.

If you would like to find out more about our PPI Claims cases please contact 

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We are also experienced in costing a wide variety of commercial litigation matters including contractual disputes, insolvency proceedings, professional negligence and intellectual property disputes. We are both Claimant and Defendant friendly and offer a full range of services from informal negotiations and advice through to preparation of formal Bills for detailed assessment, Points of Dispute and Replies and advocacy.

If you would like to find out more about our Commercial cases please contact

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We have used Paramount for several years. They provide a thorough, efficient and reliable service and they are easy to communicate with.

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