• 03/06/2015

    The Costs Draftsman – An Essential Role

    In these times of ever changing cost rules and regulations, the role of Costs Draftsman has become increasingly important.  In Legal Aid matters, gone are the days when it was a simple choice of is this to be assessed by the Court or the LAA and a couple of options […]

  • 23/03/2015

    Change Is Good, Isn’t It?

    Starting from nothing in 2007 with only 2 staff and just a handful of files coming over our threshold for the first 6 months, the business has grown unbelievably. In the first 12 months we received just under 3% of the total number of files we have received to date. […]

  • 06/03/2015

    Changes To Part 36 And How It Will Affect You

                                              From 6 April 2015, changes to the current Part 36 rules will come into force, with important implications for lawyers and the legal profession.  Below is an outline of what the new Part 36 will look like and its effects on day-to-day practice. Counterclaims The […]

  • 10/02/2015

    2015 Legal Aid and 2014 Recap

    2015 brings in some major changes for Legal Aid Solicitors in the way that they apply for and bill under Legal Aid, due to the expansion of the LAA’s Client and Cost Management System (CCMS). Towards the end of 2014 he LAA announced that they had now invited all Legal […]

  • 17/01/2015

    Staff Profile – Julie Fitzpatrick

    Julie is a Costs Lawyer at Paramount Legal Costs with over 14 years’ experience in legal costs. Julie works in our private client department and specialises in Court of Protection matters. She has extensive experience in preparing both short form and detailed bills of costs for assessment, whether it be […]

  • 08/12/2014

    Legal Aid for Inquests Challenge

    In October this year Mrs. Justice Andrews, a High Court Judge, allowed a challenge to the Lord Chancellor’s guidance on inquest funding and on the grounds that the guidance was flawed and unlawful, gave permission to Joanna Letts to pursue a Judicial Review. Joanna Letts’ brother Christopher died in 2013, […]

  • 30/07/2014

    An Introduction to High Cost Case Plans

    Under Public Funding Certificates, High Cost Cases come into effect when the total costs of a case are estimated to exceed £25,000.00. It is important for solicitors to be aware of their on-going costs and to register a case as High Cost when the costs are still under £25,000.00 but […]

  • 24/04/2014

    New Civil & Family Court Fees From 22 April 2014

    The new EX50 Court form is now available and most notable is the increase in issue fees for most claims of £1500.01 and above. The fees for Directions/Allocation and Listing have been removed, as well as the fees for applications for non-molestation and occupation orders.

  • 09/04/2014

    Know Your Cost Limitation!!

    Below is a great article that Claire and Gina have written for The Solicitors Group In a previous article we highlighted the fact that well organised and tidy files can have an impact on how quickly you can receive payment from the Legal Aid Agency.  Another positive of having well […]

  • 01/04/2014

    Steps Challenge Week 1 by Lee Whitehead

    Last week saw the start of the Paramount Steps Challenge, with all of us split into two teams of five. Team Lee consists of yours truly, Karen, Christine, Martin and Gina. Team Tom includes the man himself, Julie, Claire, Sarah and Suzanne. It would be fair to say that our […]

  • 28/02/2014

    Checklists, Checklists, Checklists!!!

    Claire our Head of Care and Family has been writing some great articles for Family Scribe – below is an extract from her most recent one. In November 2013 the LAA updated their checklists which they use when assessing bills. The new checklists included several new/amended requirements which need to […]

  • 14/02/2014

    Budgets – Be Quick Off The Mark

    Since the Jackson reforms there have been a lot of questions with regards to Costs Budgets & just recently we have all been made aware, thanks to Mitchell v Newsgroup Newspapers Limited and Burt v Linford Christie amongst others, of the importance of not only making sure your Costs Budget […]

  • 13/01/2014

    Team Lee or Team Tom – Update

    Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to postpone the challenge. It will now start on Monday 27 January.

  • 10/01/2014

    Team Lee or Team Tom

    As at the start of every New Year we all set out to try and be healthier, and here at Paramount we are no exception. from Monday 13 January for 4 weeks we will be divided into 2 teams, Team Lee & Team Tom. Everyone has been given pedometers and […]

  • 10/01/2014

    Happy New Year from Paramount Legal Costs

    We would like to wish you all a happy New Year. We have some exciting news to start the new year with.  We would like to welcome to Suzanne Foster to the Paramount team, she will be working mainly in the Care & Family Department but she also has a […]


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