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  • 24/02/2016

    2015 Legal Aid Recap

    CCMS For those working in Legal Aid at Paramount Legal Costs, 2015 became the year that centered around one main thing, the LAA’s Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).  From the moment we were informed of the date the use of CCMS would become mandatory (and long before this) we […]

  • 18/02/2016

    Sugar Hut Group Limited –v- A J Insurance Service [2016] EWCA Civ 46

    This case arose out of a serious fire on 13 September 2009 at a well-known nightclub in Brentwood, Essex, the Sugar Hut Club. The club was effectively unusable for 49 weeks until it reopened on 25 August 2010. The Claimants alleged losses under the heads of (i) Property Damage of […]

  • 03/02/2016

    BNM –v- Mirror Group Newspapers Limited [2016] EWHC B1 (Costs)

    The issue of recovering additional liabilities was in the spotlight again at a Detailed Assessment before Master Gordon-Saker in November 2015. The case related to a mobile phone of a primary school teacher, with no public or media profile, that went missing and found its way into the hands of […]


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