Change Is Good, Isn’t It?

Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Christine MarshStarting from nothing in 2007 with only 2 staff and just a handful of files coming over our threshold for the first 6 months, the business has grown unbelievably. In the first 12 months we received just under 3% of the total number of files we have received to date. In the past 12 months, we received over 20%. Last year was our best and most profitable year yet.

It hasn’t been easy. People don’t like change. Firms don’t like change. Times were good generally, when we first started out. We steadily grew for the first 3 years, taking on just a few more staff and a driver. But then in 2011, that dreaded acronym, LASPO, was born. We knew it was coming. We had hoped it wasn’t, but in our heart of hearts, we knew. LASPO received Royal Assent on 01/05/12. It was coming without a doubt now. We had to change or we wouldn’t survive. Up until that date our work was heavily weighted in favour of standard PI matters, in the region of 90% of all work. The Family/Care and Civil Legal Aid work formed the remainder of our business. We knew we would have to change the structure of the business and would have to look for ‘different’ work, work that would escape LASPO. So we started doing this in 2012. Taking on further staff who were experienced in work we as a business hadn’t done before was the first step. Creating new departments and managers to source this work was the next step. Improving our services was another, as was working with existing Clients to assist and advise them through these trying times.

LASPO kicked in on 01/04/13, the force of which was not likely to hit for another 6 to 12 months or so down the line. Last year was our best year to date. PI work now accounts for just over 50% of our work, with the remainder coming from Legal Aid Family/Care and Civil and other matters. These other matters include Court of Protection, Probate, Commercial, Financial Mis-selling and several other niche areas which also require our costing services.

We are not extraordinary. We just believe in doing our best for and by our Clients, some of whom have been with us from the start. LASPO is here to stay, for now. We have embraced this change to do more than survive. We wanted to improve and build upon what we already had. We have evaluated and evolved, in fact we are still evolving. Change is good, but to evolve is better.

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