Checklists, Checklists, Checklists!!!

Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2014

Claire our Head of Care and Family has been writing some great articles for Family Scribe – below is an extract from her most recent one.

In November 2013 the LAA updated their checklists which they use when assessing bills. The new checklists included several new/amended requirements which need to be fulfilled to prevent a bill being rejected.

One such new requirement is the need to number the disbursements in the Claim1/Claim1A and in the assessment bundle. This makes it easier for the LAA to see that evidence of all disbursements/experts’ fees have been included in the assessment bundle.

The new checklists also highight the LAA’s requirements in respect of expert’s invoices. The checklist states that an expert’s invoice must be on headed papers showing the service provider’s details and must also include the client’s name, details of what the invoice is for, the hourly rates and a breakdown of the work undertaken.

We have noticed that a lot of the expert’s invoices we see still do not meet the LAA’s requirements and are therefore likely to be rejected, which can affect a Supplier’s Contract with the LAA. Paramount, as a matter of course, inform our clients when an expert’s fee does not meet these requirements, allowing Solicitors to obtain an amended invoice before the bill is sent for assessment, therefore preventing rejection. We also inform our clients of any other areas that need consideration before a bill is sent for assessment.

The LAA’s checklists can be found here and we strongly advise that Solicitors make themselves aware of the information provided in these checklists.

If you have any questions in relation to the above article, any costing queries in general or would like to take advantage of our experience and use our costing service please contact Claire or Suzanne and for our processing service please contact Gina.


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