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  • 31/01/2008

    Puksis v Brumby [2008] EWHC 90095 (Costs)

    The Claimant sustained severe head injuries on 07/05/01 when he was knocked down by a car driven by the Defendant. His mother acted as his Litigation Friend. A CFA was entered into on 02/04/02 and proceedings were issued on 24/10/03. On 02/02/04, judgement was entered for the Claimant for 50% […]

  • 17/01/2008

    Paramount Legal Costs Accredited as APIL Experts for 2008

    Once again, Paramount Legal Costs have been accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers as Experts. We are one of the few Law Costs Draftsmen in England & Wales to be named an APIL Expert and are delighted to retain this status for 2008. We are keen to continue to build […]

  • 17/01/2008

    2008 SCCO Guideline Court Rates

    The SCCO has now published guideline Court rates for 2008 as follows:   Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Band One £203 £180 £151 £110 Band Two £191 £168 £139 £105 Band Three £174 £156 £133 £99 City of London (EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4) £396 £285 £219 £134 […]

  • 08/01/2008

    Gloucestershire County Council – v – Evans & Ors [2008] EWCA Civ 21

    This was a case where the CFA claimed basic charges at a rate of £145/hour but should the claim be unsuccessful, the rate was to be discounted to £95/hour. The success fee claimed was 100% of the basic charges (£145/hour). The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal, therefore endorsing the […]


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